Notary with area of operation Pazardjik District Court.
Registered under № 571 in the register of the Notary Chamber.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 h to 17.30 h

Why addressing to a notary?

In terms of the requirement for a notary, documents can be divided into two types: those which must be notarized (e.g. contracts for the sale of registered motor vehicles) and those for whom it is not compulsory (e.g. tenancy agreements).

For documents to be mandatory notary, the answer to the question "Why a notary?" seems simple - because we must. "Why we need?" - Because for the completion of certain types of contracts, the law is demanding for prior review and supervision by a competent, impartial and independent person, in order to protect the security of civil turnover and protect the rights and interests of the parties. Therefore, in the documents that a notary is mandatory, the above applies with the greatest extent.


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